All products listed on our site are "printed on demand" by our partner, Printful. This means that stock is held and shipped out from one of Printful's many facilities around the world. Once you place an order with us it is printed within three to five business days and shipped out from one of the facilities located closest to you.

Some stock offered on our site may only be available in facilities located within the United States or elsewhere in the world. This can cause longer shipping times for certain products. Our website provides information below each product that will give you an estimated waiting time for shipment to your location.

Stock for some products may be low or limited at times. When this occurs we are notified by our partner and will notify you if your order has been affected.



Shipping for local orders may take between six to 12 business days after a product has been printed and sent. For international orders, this process can take longer and may arrive between 12 to 20 business days.

We do our best to offer the fastest and most efficient delivery route suited for you.



If you are truly unhappy with the way a product fits you, or are dissatisfied with the quality that a product has arrived in, Trip Jacket Apparel is happy to accept returns or to offer refunds.

For returns, or to discuss a potential refund, you may contact us via email at 'tjmrstore@outlook.com' or by messaging us via the store directly through the 'Chat With Us' prompt located on the right corner of our store's webpage in your browser.

We will not accept returns, or offer refunds for products that have been damaged by the user or lost after receival of the order.