About Trip Jacket Mafia

Trip Jacket Mafia is a record label best described as a collective of ideas. From humble beginnings as a simple crew of close friends, the collective has since grown and evolved over the years to become a hub of all things entertainment!

TJMRecords now houses seven talented, underground Australian acts who's talents span across music, gaming, podcasting, streaming, lifestyle and content creation.

Trip Jacket Mafia Records hosts two podcasts, 'FireCast' hosted by members FriendlyFire and DZ, and 'The safebois Podcast' hosted by TJMRecords crew, the safebois!

The Label:

FriendlyFire - Founder of TJMRecords. Beginning his music journey as a Dubstep and EDM producer, FriendlyFire has since grown to become a fierce Hip-Hop beatmaker and mixing and mastering engineer all while continuing to produce his own unique "genre-bending" music. From working DJ gigs in packed out venues with his friends as 'Trip Jacket Mafia', to working as an engineer for songs featuring Hip-Hop royalty, The Game, FriendlyFire has accomplished quite a lot in his time in the music biz.

DZ - Hip-Hop Artist. Since beginning to record his own vocals over FriendlyFire's early EDM tracks, DZ has since flourished and grown into his skin as a formidable contender in the Australian Hip-Hop scene. Known for his quick flows and intricate rhyme schemes, DZ has a fast-growing, loyal fan base and has since produced singles and albums featuring names like The Game, Rittz, Krizz Kaliko and VIKING N3.

moeb. - Musician. moeb. is an all-round talent in the music scene. Whether it is Rap, Funk, Dubstep and EDM, Lo-Fi or Pop music, there is little genres that moeb. has not been able to prove himself in. There isn't a box this artist can be placed in, having dropped singles that often go against the grain, moeb. can drop bars, melodies and vocals that hit every time. Having released his Lo-Fi EP, 'Feeling, pen to paper' alongside popular Lo-Fi musician, Strong Maurice, there isn't much moeb. can't do.

bystephen - Musician. Another force to be reckoned with in the music scene. bystephen captures a vibe that fuses the sounds of new age Hip-Hop music with those vibes of older, classic Funk and Pop tunes. bystephen brings a unique and inspiring flavour to the label, filling a space in the group that only he could fill. With his songs 'don't go' and 'Nuisance' as well as a lot more music on the way, bystephen has proven himself as a talented act with a strong catalogue and is definitely one to watch.

Holloway - Musician. TJM's own mainstream contender. Holloway has grown up with a love of music and has proven himself to be a man of many talents. Proficient in many instruments, Holloway has a keen ear for sound design and the inner workings of music production. With an already strong catalogue of music that would not sound out of place on the mainstream radio, Holloway has proven himself with his killer vocals and melodies, as well as his beat design and understanding of music construction.

Aussie_Slangg - Twitch Streamer. TJM's first signing as a non-musical act. Aussie_Slangg is a very charismatic and intelligent personality. Having built a solid community around his streaming of popular Anime games and culture, "The Aussie Space" has since grown into a welcoming and friendly community built around a love for Anime and gaming. Dropping frequent streams on Twitch and often collaborating with other TJM members to bring hilarious and uplifting content, Aussie_Slangg brings an aura of fun and warmth to the label.

 The safebois - Podcast/Content Creators. TJMRecords' second entertainment signing, and it doesn't get much more entertaining than the safebois! A team consisting of three members, Jezza, Blake and Mitch, who are dedicated to having a laugh and good times. With a rapidly growing and hilarious podcast, 'The safebois Podcast', these fellas know how to have a good time!